BCCC to Offer Accelerated Classes Starting in February

Bucks County Community College is accepting registration for accelerated spring semester classes that start in February, March and April.

Nearly 120 courses are offered with more than 230 sections, giving students the flexibility to choose classes that fit into their schedules. Classes run for 13, 7, or 5 weeks. Most are offered completely online, although select courses that require hands-on training occasionally meet in-person amid strict health screening and physical distancing requirements.

Students can choose from more than 80 programs of study that lead to either an associate degree or certificate. Bucks has more than 68 transfer agreements that allow students to apply their two years at Bucks toward a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university.

Advisors and support staff are available to help students apply and register for classes beginning February 8, March 22, and April 5. All courses end May 14, allowing students to earn the same amount of credits in less time than the traditional 15-week semester.

Tuition remains at $165 a credit for Bucks County residents. More information is available at www.bucks.edu/spring, or by calling 215-968-8100 or emailing admissions@bucks.edu.